Strategy 2 – Put yourself in the right mood

There are moods from which it is easy for us to implement our personal plans. We feel energetic and confident. Sometimes, however, we don’t have the slightest desire to implement our plans. For example, when we are exhausted and tired. In such moments, the inner couch potato has lots of control over our behavior. Therefore, make sure that your mood matches the action you are about to take. In this way, you prevent yourself from becoming exhausted to pursue your goal. There are many methods we use in everyday life to influence our moods, such as listening to music to relax or drinking coffee to keep us awake. Another example is, if you are in the process of changing your eating habits, never go grocery shopping hungry. Before any sports appointments, avoid anything that makes you sluggish, such as eating a lot, lying on the sofa or drinking alcohol. Instead, activate yourself by listening to upbeat music or get pumped up with thoughts like, “I’m getting better and better!”. Taking cold showers can also make you active.