The MoVo-BnB program (Motivational-Volitional Intervention – Movement after Breast Cancer) is an evidence-based patient training program for women with breast cancer based on the MoVo concept (Adams, Feike, Eckert, Göhner, Spörhase & Bitzer, 2019; Adams, Feike, Eckert, Pikkemaat, Spörhase, Bitzer & Göhner, 2022). Women with breast cancer often reduce the amount of physical activity during therapy and rarely reach the level existing before diagnosis. The training contributes to a sustainable increase in physical activity and offers various suggestions for targeted and effective aftercare (Adams et al., 2021). The program was developed by a multi-professional team of researchers, considering pedagogical-didactical, psychological and movement-therapeutic evidence. Four modules, which are carried out over a period of 4-8 weeks, address the benefits of physical activity, a movement plan, barrier management and getting to know reinforcement strategies. The manual for MoVo-BnB (Spörhase, Göhner, Feicke, Eckert, Rolf, Ralf & Bitzer, 2019) is aimed at therapeutic, psychological, but also nursing and medical professionals in outpatient and inpatient medical rehabilitation and aftercare. It contains detailed instructions on how to carry out the training as well as an accompanying booklet and a movement diary on DVD.

Unit 1

Sports after cancer, is that possible?

The participants identify suitable activities for themselves and develop the intention to increase their physical activity.

Unit 2

How do I achieve my goals?

The participants pursue realistic goals with regard to their physical activities and implement these goals adequately in everyday life.

Unit 3

How do I deal with barriers?

The participants can successfully deal with barriers concerning their physical activity during the rehabilitation stay and afterwards in everyday life.

Unit 4

What happens next?

The participants evaluate their previous activities during the rehabilitation stay and anticipate the possible realization of the activity behavior.

Each unit is subdivided by a basic methodical rhythm (entry, development, securing results, reflection and final phase). These phases have different didactic functions and serve a clear structure.

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