MoVo-LISA (Lifestyle-Integrated Sporting Activity) is an intervention specifically designed for inpatient rehabilitation. The aim of MoVo-LISA is to support patients during rehab to prepare a regular exercise or sports program for the time after the clinic, in order to make physical activity a permanent part of everyday life. To achieve this goal, the group program (6-8 participants) focusses on motivational preconditions for action and volitional implementation skills. MoVo-LISA consists of five modules: two group sessions (60-90 min each) and a one-on-one interview (approx. 10 min) at the clinic as well as a postal reminder and a short phone call three and six weeks after discharge from the clinic. The modules are presented in more detail here:

First Group Session

First Group Session

Clarification of personal health goals

Development of first ideas for sports and exercise

Reality Check

Review of the self-concordance

Pre-decision and start of action planning

One-on-one Interview

One-on-one Interview

Discussion of the provisional action plan with the group leader:





Second Group Session

Second Group Session

Presentation of the action plans

Anticipation of possible internal or external barriers

Development of counter strategies to the personal barriers

What to do in critical situations?

Self-monitoring (e.g. via the MoVo app)

Three weeks after their stay in the clinic, patients receive a postal reminder with the personal MoVo-LISA contents worked out; six weeks after discharge from the clinic, a short phone call of about 10 minutes is made.

Postal Reminder

Postal Reminder

A reminder of:

Personal health goals

Developed own sport or exercise plans

Main personal barriers (internal and external)

Counter strategies for dealing with these barriers

Short Phone Call

Short Phone Call

How well were the sports and exercise plans implemented?

Which (inner or outer) barriers occurred?

How well could the person handle these barriers?

Are changes to the plans or barrier management necessary?

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